Paraiso Las Canas !

Marina Beach Resort & Hotel Project !


The construction of the tourist project Paradise Las Canas, in the municipal district of El Limon, Samana, has begun and according to its developer, Miguel Martinez Portillo, will combine sea, beach and mountains, with an investment of US $150 million.

Martinez Portillo offered details of the project, to participate in the forum “Invest in DR” organized by the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), as recorded

He explained that the project will have two boutique hotels of 120 and 105 rooms, a marina and a whole lot of luxury villas. The property has an area of ​​700,000 square meters, with a beach of 600 meters and 400 meters in mountainous terrain.

The project will be 150.000 meters of housing construction in part, marina of 160 berths, which total about 12,000 feet of moorings available, said Martinez Portillo.

“Paradise Las Canas project has three modalities that will develop in stages,” said the businessman, adding that the place has exceptional natural conditions.

He stressed that the property is located fifteen minutes from two international airports (Arroyo Barril and Juan Bosch) with direct flights from Europe and North America.

“It has a natural canal, we do not have to dredge, which is a miracle of God. The Ministry of Environment approved all our proposals, without realizing we got a natural island. It has a plot with a front beach and a private marina behind, “said Martinez Portillo.

The businessman stressed that in the mountains we have lots of one and two thousand square meters for the real estate development.

The lots for single-family homes are located in the beachfront, in the plains and mountains. While lots for the apartments of different types, depending on their location on the property.

The project sponsor stressed that the institutions that have applied for permits for the project have been professional. “We were able to realize that the Dominican institutions work,” said Martinez Portillo.

He highlighted the work of the architect Rafael Rodriguez in the project design.

He explained that currently they are working on the installation of the camp and the construction of access roads.

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